-New Mexico Highlands University, Burris Hall, National Ave., Las Vegas, NM

-Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, 1050 Pecos Tr. on exhibit until June, 2019!

-City of Santa Fe (coming soon!)

-Santa Barbara Wolf Museum of Exploration and Innovation (MOXI), 2019-2020

new telepoem booths 

-Vintage phone booths and kiosks with 700+ verses in the poetry directory. Dial-a-poem on a rotary or push-button phone. Access a constantly fresh supply of poetry from wi-fi enabled downloading system that allows updates from central switchboard for all Telepoem Booths in nation. 

- Community gifts of multi-sensory ways: visual, haptic and aural/multi-genre and multi-media. ADA accommodations for all versions provide poetry for ALL users, of ALL physical abilities. 

-Poetry, art and music pieces that engage participation and feature community poets. Performance vehicle for voices of many kinds. Co-created with community.


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what are telepoem booths? 

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