A Telepoem Booth is in State College, PA--home of Penn State. Look for it at Webster's Bookstore and Cafe, 133 E. Beaver Ave​.

Telepoem Booths have been generously funded nationally by the Knight Foundation, Centre Foundation, Beautification and Public Art Commission of the City of Flagstaff, Rooftop Solar, NOAZ Signs, Art with Heart, Ascendant Financial, Cline Library, and the College of Arts and Letters at Northern Arizona University.

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A Telepoem Booth is available for purchase or lease. This includes the fully-refurbished vintage 70s telephone booth, access to the established poetry directory and a wi-fi enabled downloading system, which allows new poetry updates from a central location for all Telepoem Booths in the nation, providing a constantly fresh supply of new poetry. 

We now have 450 poems by 80+ regional, national and international poets in the telepoem book. 

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visit a vintage phonebooth,

pick up a rotary phone &

dial a poem

Thanks to AAA Presents Highroads With Dan Davis for a wonderful feature on the Telepoem Booth--done all in rhyme!!

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Elizabeth Hellstern explores forms of art that go beyond the visual.  She developed and deployed 'tele-poem' booths which provide a haptic engagement for people to interface with poetry using old rotary phones.