what are telepoem booths? 

Telepoem Booth: Missed Calls and Other Poetry (listen to poems)

Based on the Telepoem Booth art piece, a vintage phone booth that the public can dial-a-poem on a rotary or push-button phone, Telepoem Booth: Missed Calls and Other Poetry  is a compilation of poetry gathers stories and memories of phone booth experiences, along with poetry, from Telepoets across the nation. This book mirrors the interactivity of the artpiece by providing poems and Telepoem numbers to dial at any networked Telepoem Booth. Purchase here.
Edited by Elizabeth Hellstern. Contributors: Albert Goldbarth, Chris Green, Elizabeth Hellstern, Lyla June, Michael Martone, Mary McGinnis, Charissa Menefee, Mark Neumann, Jia Oak Baker, Stephen Reno, Aaron Rudolph, Jesse Sensibar and hülya n. yılmaz. Cover design by Kelli Rua Klein. 
This publication is made possible with support from the Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry.

COVID-19 Protocol: The Telepoem Booth organization supports your safety above everything else. If you wish to use a Telepoem Booth during this time, please make sure to bring your own antiseptic wipes and wear a mask. Wipe down and/or spray the buttons or rotary dial, phone receiver and the Telepoem directory before and after each usage.


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Telepoem Booth Santa Fe: Collected Calls

Telepoem Booth Santa Fe: Collected Calls is a compilation of poetry that complements the public art piece Telepoem Booth® Santa Fe, an interactive phone booth that users can dial a number for free on the payphone to hear recordings of poets. Thirty Santa Fe telepoems are available to read in this book (and dial at any Networked Telepoem Booth). 

For more information or to purchase, click here.


-Vintage phone booths and kiosks with 800+ verses in the poetry directory. Dial-a-poem on a rotary or push-button phone. Access a constantly fresh supply of poetry from wi-fi enabled downloading system that allows updates from central switchboard for all Telepoem Booths in nation. 

- A multi-sensory community gift: visual, haptic and aural/multi-genre and multi-media. ADA accommodations for all versions provide poetry for all users, of all physical abilities. 

-Poetry, art and music pieces that engage participation and feature community poets. Performance vehicle for voices of many kinds. Co-created with community.


Telepoem Booth® Iowa

​at PACE - Pottawattamie Arts, Culture and Entertainment Center, 1228 S. Main St., Council Bluffs, IA

coming May 2020!

​​​​Telepoem Booth® Bisbee

at Jonquil Motel, 317 Tombstone Canyon Rd., Bisbee, AZ

Submission Guidelines:

We accept poetry that is well-written, easy to listen to and represents the Telepoem Booth communities. We do not take violent or hate-filled pieces.