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"Elizabeth Hellstern explores forms of art that go beyond the visual. She developed and deployed 'telepoem' booths which provide a haptic engagement for people to interface with poetry using old rotary phones."

A Telepoem Booth is available for purchase or lease: a vintage 70s telephone booth, access to the established poetry directory and a wi-fi enabled downloading system, which allows new poetry updates from a central location for all Telepoem Booths in the nation, providing a constantly fresh supply of new poetry. 

visit a vintage phonebooth,

pick up a rotary phone &

dial a poem

telepoem booth coming to Santa Fe!

telepoem booth in the news

​Telepoem Booths repurpose and re-enchant decommissioned (and disappearing) vintage phone booths to give back to communities in multi-sensory ways: visual, haptic and aural. They are multi-genre and multi-media, using poetry, art and recordings to impact users. Most importantly, they are engaging art pieces that require the audience’s participation and feature community poets.

Telepoem Booths place poetry in the public realm and deliver an impactful emotional insight to each listener. Hearing poetry read can be cathartic and healing, providing a multi-sensory way for the public to access poetry and the human experience. Telepoem Booths give a performance vehicle for voices of many kinds.


what are telepoem booths?